So you walked into your office this morning and you local serve crashed and all of your data is missing! Or you have an important report or presentation to present in a few hours and you left the file at your office which is closed and locked. We can help solve these issues! — We have the Experience to take on most of your IT business Solution needs. We understand being confident in your IT program and the security of your data is what gives your business strength.

 Typical types of IT problems:

  • Typical IT problems we can help solve:
  • Slow computers and printers
  • Slow access to important company data
  • Slow access to the internet
  • Repeat server crashes
  • Intermittent outages
  • Virus issues that cause productivity issues
  • Unreliable email/ Spam Related issues
  • Software related issues that cause
  • Over-dependence on an IT employee
  • No company privacy from IT support
  • No secured backups for sensitive company information
  • Insecure remote access to sensitive company data by non-authorized employees
  • Company sensitive information stored on personal use devices
  • Poor habits of use on individual computers (clicking on email links, opening attachments, etc.)
  • No internet security awareness training for staff

If you are experiencing any of these types of IT problems or solutions we can help! Contact us now to request a quote!