Most companies do not understand how servers, protocols and the cloud works. You just want you just want to insure your valuable business data is at all times accessible, safe, and secure at all times. Sensitive company information and business assets that are stolen or embezzled are serious issues that warrant experienced technical oversight and trustworthy IT management. PDX Technology Solutions provides on-site and offsite assessment services that will ensure your IT networks and solutions will be in the best position for continual success.

The assessment services we provide:

  • A thorough review of your company’s current IT infrastructure
  • And integrity analysis of your company’s security protocols
  • Monitor and collect your data collection

PDQ Solutions Technology provides an objective reviews by IT certified experts of critical IT systems within your business. These analyses will assist you in understanding your company’s current IT systems strengths and weaknesses in a format that you can understand to make the appropriate changes as needed or recommended. We have a team that will work at your company’s office and work your key personal and technical group to thoroughly understand your company’s objectives, important functioning activities, and active IT systems.

 PDQ Solutions Technology assesses these systems:

  • Applications
  • Desktops
  • Servers
  • Networks
  • Delivery mechanisms,
  • Evaluate your network security
  • Overall performance,
  • Applicability to your specific business and its stated goals.

With our honest approach to reviewing your current IT system we also provide a proposal with easy to understand language that focuses on satisfying the needs of your company. Also, we will include a summary for your technically savvy IT personnel.  PDQ Solutions Technology will review the report with your company to discuss the pros and cons of your current system and recommended immediate actions, and to answer any questions from your personal.  We are ready to answer and help your company assess all of your IT Needs. Contact us  now to request a quote.