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Using PDF Software

I have used a couple of PDF software programs, admittedly not a lot, but a few.  Though I have to say my favorite by far is Foxit PDF Creator!  Even the free downloadable version has fantastic tools which make it very user friendly.  One can even use the typewriter under the Edit function to enter text into a PDF document which eliminates the need to print it out and manually enter the information either by hand or with a typewriter.

Using PDF’s are an important tool in the business world because they create a secure document.  For example once an agreement between two parties has been arrived upon and signed it should be converted into a PDF so that none of the wording is able to be changed, it is a secure document with signatures in place and dates duly recorded.  Having the document converted to PDF allows both parties a level of protection as is the intention of the agreement.

Of course the paid versions of PDF software have lots of additional “bells & whistles” that make it worth what you pay for it.  Foxit PhantomPDF allows one to create a watermark or your company logo!  Consult Foxit online or more details on this product.

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