Monitor your Network with Confidence

During your most proactive times at work having a stable IT System is understandably the core of your business. Here at PDQ Technology Solutions we manage your IT network and security problems so you and your leadership team can focus on the business for the day. Due to such a high demand for qualified full time on-site IT person this may not be the most cost effective solution for your company, PDQ Technology Solutions can provide you with that expertise at a low flat rate!

Here at PDQ Technology Solutions we set the standard to provide you with secure, reliable and a stable system network and a strong backbone infrastructure. Our true and proven Network Management Solution program provides your company the ability to monitor and control your critical network functions. With this leading edge technology we help you save your valuable time and hard earned money by identifying network problems before they become larger issues.

We work on a remote network management system that allows us to configure and monitor all of your important network systems which include routers, onsite and offsite servers, e-mail servers, critical backup applications and virus detection software.

 Our Network Management includes:

  • • Emergency Remote Response
  • • Emergency Onsite Response
  • • Network Administration
  • • Network UTM Device
  • • Network Device Management
  • • Technology Purchase Consulting
  • • Client VPN Management
  • • 3rd Party Vendor Management
  • • License Management
  • • Configuration Management
  • • Change Management
  • • Disaster Recovery

 Computer Networking

We look forward to helping you prevent network crashes, server failures, virus and spyware infections and unauthorized access to your network. These issues can arise with the best software and hardware if they are not installed properly. Contact us now to configure you’re your company’s computer network.

PDQ Technology Solutions have years of experience and a highly qualified team of network technicians. You can always rest assured that your company’s network will be configured for peak performance, stability and security. Please contact us now to speak to an IT network management adviser to add to your team.