Data breaches have great impacts to companies that extend a lot further than just a financial lost. Intellectual property, patents and company planning information is at an all-time high of being stolen. Just imagine if someone hacked into or a non-authorized employee gained access to sensitive company information that can be used to hurt or harm your company. Are you confident that your network is secure?

When was the last time your network security was vetted, tested or analyzed? If you never have or if has been over a year you are due for a security test!

Our Security management includes:

  • Anti-Spam Solution:
  • Antivirus Solution
  • Network UTM Device
  • DNS Filtering Anti-Phishing/Antifraud
  • Technology Purchase Consulting
  • 3rd Party Vendor Management
  • License Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Change Management
  • Disaster Recovery

We prevent and help your company recover from database breaches

If you’re concerned with preventing such a breach or recovering from a security attack, PDQ Technology Solutions is here to help. Firewalls and proxy servers can be combined with more complex intruder detection systems and encrypted remote access systems to create the level of security appropriate to your business needs. We take virus protection and spam filtering to a completely new level. We provide complete protection to each system on your network.

PDQ Technology Solutions will conduct a review of your current network security to identify areas of potential exposure and recommend targeted actions you can take to harden security immediately. In the unfortunate event that you have experienced a data breach, or have been attacked by a malicious virus we can assist you in identifying how and where the loss and the attack occurred and recommend specific remediation actions to preserve evidence in case of a lawsuit and improve security to prevent a possible recurrence.

If you have a staff of network technicians we will work with them to ensure that your network is properly protected, and that your data and VoIP systems and including remote devices are locked to non-authorized people.

Spam Filters and Virus Protection

Spam filters and virus protections are a necessity in today’s Internet environment. According to a Price Waterhouse Cooper’s survey, “Hacking and computer viruses will cost businesses about $1.6 trillion globally this year.”

Staying in front of preventing viruses from infecting your computer can save productivity down time and a costly recovery. Filtering unwanted spam before it reaches your inbox allows your employees to focus on important task at hand. Combining, spam filtering and virus protection will help to create a secure IT environment.

Please contact us now to speak to add an IT Security Management adviser to add to your team.